Metal & Time Log

*For a couple of nights now I’ve been recording solos like ever before, My elbow is fine now, got so much better the moment I stopped eating  #NightshadeVegetables ..potatoes & tomatoes.. But there seems to be a problem with my common extensor tendon and maybe even the extensor digitorum muscle, likely linkedin, …but case in point, I can play again. REALLY loud.

*Today was the first day in months that I could actually play my again. Another reason to not eat vegetables.?

*Why oh why did I do that with the full knowledge my joints can’t handle 2 months wasted not playing the .

*So I stopped eating and I had no pain whatsover, but this year for some reason I ate them again, then my arm broke.

*Over the years in Spring I always had back problems, achy joints, then in 2013 it hit me, I always eat in spring.

*Couple of days ago I stopped eating & and now magically my arm is getting better!

*Still no playing for me because of my arm injury. It’s no fun playing the guitar using one arm, EADGBE soon gets really boring.

*Had a chat with my doc today, things are not looking good, my elbow & surrounding muscles r still in a bad shape, still no for me.

*It’s been 7 weeks now and I still can’t play the guitar, my left arm is useless at this point.

*I’ve recorded 4 songs so far, but I can’t play the guitar anymore, so for now I’m doing some mixing using only my right arm, it takes time and I feel like a half person.

*Our latest album Metal & Time is in jeopardy as is my future as a guitarist.
My left elbow broke and surrounding muscles are burning.


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