Messed Mess

Messed Mess

You’re trapped within a dream
In a hard-shelled apathy
You’re stumbling on the curbs
along 10-palms-on-fire Street
You’re A Messed Mess

Breakfast at a café
On the T-shirt  blizzard way
And you recognize commandes
And smell the panic at the place
You’re A Messed Mess

A second-rated friend
Or a short-lasting everlove
You’re country mind bend
A whole lemon-tree acid glove
You’re A Messed Mess

You nail the iron storm
Well, slavery is a harder job
As you launched it from the gap
of a boiled up so-happy horse
You’re A Messed Mess

Feel your first-class knees
Your splendid shaky knees
Did you notice the grief
You didn’t notice the grief?
You’re A Messed Mess

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