Girls & Galaxys

Girls & Galaxys 1995

Girls & Galaxys 1995

Lead vocals by Linda Nordén

It was like a dream come true working with Linda and her great voice.
She had the ability to sing exactly what I heard inside my head.
That was not an easy task as I had grown up with the great music of ABBA and the excellent Jedi Sound Master Michael B Tretow.
With all these harmonies in my head I needed someone else besides me to get it to sound just right.
In came Linda and everything fell into place, it really was a dream working with her, so talented.
Thank you Linda for your great performance and outstanding harmonies on Girl & Galaxys!
Your vocal cords really took a beating when I asked you to sing as Ian Gillan on Deep Purple’s Space Truckin’ but you did it, that was so cool.

By the freeway, Galaxys is not a misspelling, it’s intentional.

White Kisses
Cry With The Moon
Blazing Funerals
You Split Yourself In Two
The Rox Road
Girls & Galaxys
Deborah & Barbara
Barbarian Tan
Space Truckin’ (Deep Purple Cover)
Outro: Don’t You Feel Unhappy Enough

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